The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan national organization whose purpose is to promote informed, active participation in government, increase understanding of public policy issues, and influence public policy through education and advocacy.

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Join the Curbside Recycling Education Corps

If you would like to enhance your understanding & share your knowledge, here's how to get involved. 


Non-Violent Felon Voting Rights Restoration

Our League is participating in a state-wide initiative to get an amendment on the 2016 ballot to restore the voting rights of non-violent ex-felons. Get the facts and complete a petition.


Closing Florida's Healthcare Gap

With partners, we are focusing on increasing healthcare coverage for those who cannot afford insurance but do not qualify for Medicaid. Get involved and make a difference. Find out more by calling us at 727-896-5197.


Treat yourself to a membership!

Announcing our annual membership and renewal drive. Learn more about membership and attend an orientation.  Contact us at

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International Relations Committee Presents Timely Topics

Stay current by attending monthly meetings of the International Relations Committee and benefit from presentations and discussion.


Closing Healthcare Gap

Press conference and rally in N. Straub Park in St. Petersburg FL

With a recent press release titled Florida Failing Its Sick and Poor and advocacy work across the state, The Florida League of Women Voters continues to urge the State of Florida accept Medicaid expansion funds from the federal government.  Extending  healthcare coverage to Florida's uninsured is a priority. To arrange a speaker for your group, contact our League at View our fact sheet.


Working Group on Immigration Immigration

The Immigration Working Group is analyzing data from states that allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses and comparing it to the bill that has been introduced in the Florida Senate, SB 300. We are becoming familiar with the updated Speakers’ Bureau presentation on immigration, a topic during an Immigration Caucus at the League’s Capitol Impact Days in Mar 2015. This preparation will enable us to talk knowledgeably with legislators and educate our members. Our next meeting is Feb 18, 10:30 am to noon. Get more information, email, or call our office.

Support Curbside RecyclingRecycle image around world

St Pete’s recycling program will be successful if we significantly increase recyclable waste. To achieve this, we need an informed and engaged community. The People’s Trash Coalition is initiating a corps of committed individuals to educate homeowners and encourage full participation. Sign up to be part of this educational effort. Email The Coalition also is talking with city staff to promote the inclusion of a robust metrics component, ongoing education, and steps to ensure that future phases include multi-family households, businesses, churches, and schools.  Learn more.